Love Never Ceases to Amaze

Here’s a poem I wrote and published in 2004 about scientific, spiritual and emotional aspect of love:


Realizing only a particle of LOVE’s infinite wisdom

So far more than the eye can see in this vast kingdom

Is a truth so hidden within the human light

Seen and felt with the heart and soul’s eyes so bright

It’s LOVE in all its magnificent glory

Unfolding through life in an untold story

What is this love that never ceases to amaze?

Is LOVE’s form, divinity we shall seek for many a days?

What if it’s hidden wanting to be found?

Wouldn’t that be a treasure hunt that is profound?

I know nothing at all in this world

Only what I experience in my heart it is pearled

Could it be LOVE’s existence between a loved one

Is the Oneness unseen like the rays of the sun?

To be unfolded behind heaven’s door

Found within the human shrine many times before

LOVE with all its wonderful splendor

Gives ecstasy and comfort so warm and tender

Isn’t LOVE the only reality in this illusion?

 This being more than the heart’s conclusion

Even scientific quantum physics clears the confusion

Thinking all matter is reality we’re in delusion

LOVE never ceases to amaze or delight

Divinity to experience with all our might