Happy 2013 – Lots of Great News Jan-May ’13

April-May 2013 – Europe tour (dates and venues to be announced soon)

March 2013 – Invited to work on 3 songs for a film soundtrack with composer from overseas

Feb 2013 – Contemplating EP to be released prior to album release

Feb 2013 – Performance in Studio City, CA

Jan 2013 – Remix of “Just Breathe” by DJ LayC and fine tuning for release end of month

Jan 2013 – Published “Water in the Air.” Also in discussion with other publishers for contract consideration on current discography.

Jan 2013 – In discussion with film departments for possible sync licensing on full-length theatrical motion pictures, distributed by major studios.

Nov 2013 – In talks with one of the major labels as they await our newest songs and final mixes of existing songs for completed album prior to release