Miraculous Letters from Fans

So incredibly moved that a simple song I wrote and helped to create with my co-writer and producer Nel Gerome has touched so many people’s lives. Here are some excerpts from letters:

From a fan in United Kingdom: “…my wife…has ABI that is an acquired brain injury which was unfortunately self inflicted nearly 10 years ago now, so as you can imagine life is very difficult. No, or very few new memories and old memories mixed up and confused. I could be here all day explaining the many problems. Main thing is apathy, very difficult to involve her in anything and music doesn’t usually seem to interest her or even register . I have been playing your CD (thank you so much for that) in the car nearly every time we go out as she seemed to take notice of it. Imagine my surprise today as I went into the front room she was sitting down conducting an imaginary band !! When I asked her what she was doing she said “I’m Just Breathing” ! Now this might not seem a big deal to you but to me, well I didn’t think she was taking any notice of music. I asked her what that meant and she told me it was a tune in her head. I tell you your song Just Breathe seems to be very special and I just wanted to let you know that you made my day. Thanks Di For some reason it just connected with her…we will have to find out why.”From a fan in United Kingdom: “…my wife suffering from epilepsy and myself going through depression.  In October 2012, I met with an American friend of mine who was adventurous.  For a while I was able to talk about things that I never had before.  It felt good.  When I got home all I thought about was being adventurous but my wife was just there at home sleeping and then I went through a mid-life crisis.  I wanted to leave my wife but clearly I was not thinking clearly and I went to listen to some music and the song that played was “Just Breathe” which is exactly what I did.  Had to relax and think about what was going on.

For that “Just Breathe” is very special to me in that it gave me that time to just think, relax and breathe.  In addition, being given the opportunity to play it meant a lot to me too.
Music is not just about listening to tunes and dancing along with it.  There is power in it….
it can convey emotions as well as relax whether it is instrumental or a song.  This is something that I fear is lacking in modern mainstream music.”
From a fan in India: “I play your music every day and when I’m sad it makes me at peace. I play it also before going to my place of worship to bring me into a peaceful mood. You and your music has done so much for me. And for that you mean so much to me.”