Gratitude is Love in Attitude

Our friends remind us that gratitude is the language that is most beautiful. To me, gratitude is LOVE in attitude. A well known quote “It’s not happiness that brings gratitude, it’s gratitude that brings us happiness,” that I found on is where you can find an abundant of daily inspiring quotes.

Isn’t it true when we find gratitude for our One Creator in ourselves and in others, we are given inner peace and realize our only enemy is within our self? We are also our own competition. While I believe all religions are form of worship and no one is better than the other, if we could only respect that we all have our own viewpoints, our philosophy would be live and let live. The person on the Eastern side of the world says to my friend standing beside me here on the Western side of the world that the sun is coming up now. At the same time my friend says “No, the sun is setting now.” Who is right? Both are from their own perspectives.

Definitely grateful for our One Knower of All Hearts and for all of you positive lovies, giving inspiration, empowerment and spreading positivity to others. Thank you! Your kindness makes the world a better place!