My Debt To You (For My Parents) From “Love For Peace”

Mother’s Day is approaching in less than 2 weeks and Father’s Day in a month and a half.  During the rest of the year I should take more time out to just let my parents know I care and appreciate them. Those of you, like me, may really appreciate this poem as a reminder our parents are one of our many gifts. None of them are perfect but in their own they have endured pain for us and tried to raise us with the abilities they have:


What have I done to deserve your devotion?

Although this is said with only some emotion

You’ve brought me up and taught me well

How can I repay you for breaking out of my shell?

To repay my debt to you is to love, honor and give

For without your aid how was I to live?

I’ve learned so much it’s given me a lift

Having you in my life is surely His gift

You’ve cared

And shared

Night and day over all these years

I now lift my glass to give you my cheers

What happened to all the time that has passed?

It has strengthened me to happily last

What more can I do to thank you

And to show how much I care for you too?

Your love for me is but a good way

For others to see and say

My what a fine job on your daughter and son

You must be mighty proud at the job you’ve done

***Commentary:  For all our fellow parents, I dedicated this poem to my mother and father. One day our children, if they don’t already, will grow to appreciate us for all we’ve done and sacrificed for them when we are consistently dedicated in being the example we wish to convey to them. Sometimes that appreciation comes too late after the passing of one or the other. So let’s seize the day in giving our gratitude for our parents, one of many of our divine gifts.

Mother’s and Father’s Day also includes our Divine Parents. Below is another poem for our One Creator and our partner (fellow parent) in life:


Love of itself is surely divine

It comes from the soul that does indeed shine

It must be from the Creative Power within

Attachment is not love and can cause great sin

With love there is a wondrous contentment

But emotional attachment can cause resentment

Possessiveness coupled with jealousy or rage

Can cause hurt and isolation like a cage

Given the grace of love I’m taken with rhyme

It’s surely a divine gift from time to time

Divine love within you has me inspired

That all this love in verse has transpired!

It’s to you my partner I have vowed

Only to the truest love I’ve always bowed

Your soul makes my heart sing and rejoice
But I feel it is fate, I had no choice

True love is universal and will never end
The love in all I do commend

When I sit back to see this poem and read

I realize a higher power had planted a seed

Long ago did this seed sprout here

Now becoming a plant with a flower so dear

With words of love an instrument am I

Understanding with humility leaves an eye not dry

If discovering each level of love is the reason

Evolving takes place with divine grace through each season