Who’s With Me In Paying it Forward?

Happy to be a new Advisory Board Member for www.SafePassageLives.org! Who’s with me in paying it forward for bonafide charities like www.SafePassageLives.org Founder/ CEO Trish Steele ‪#‎LivingPhoto‬ by Sterling Williams ‪#‎TheWebStylist‬ for Safe Passage. Please let me know if you have any valuable silent auction items to donate especially signed by celebrities or if you can help out in any way shape or form for the upcoming star-studded luncheon gala Sat Feb 27th, 2016 at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons.

Paying It Forward

Feels good to be a part of different charities and giving back.

May 11 ’13 attending S.H.A.R.E. Annual 60th Anniversary Gala. This charity that has raised over $50M in the last 60 years for the developmentally disabled, abused and neglected children as well as medical research for all forms of developmental disabilities without a penny going to the staff or board. Photos can be viewed here: http://imagecollect.com/picture/di-lee-at-the-share-60th-annual-denim-diamonds-photo-6112130.

April 3 ’13 Attended S.H.A.R.E., Inc.,  60 Year Anniversary at Hollywood Museum. This tremendous charitable foundation pays no funds to the 100% female staff and board members of the charity. Every dime goes to developmentally disabled, abused and neglected children as well as medical research for all forms of developmental disabilities. Part of their proceeds also goes to other charities related to helping children with special needs. Awesome to see such glamour for good!

March 27, ’13 Being a part of the MS Event in Hollywood was great and many a star studded cast was there to perform and give back to this helpful charity including Rick Springfield, Billy Idol (Billy Morrison), Jack Russell and many others. Thanks to them for an entertaining show!

March 8 ’13 having attended IHAD-LA charity brunch, this organization greatly impacts the lives of children who normally wouldn’t be able to finish school and go to college.

Make 2015 the Most Amazing Year Ever

We can all make 2015 the most amazing year ever by staying #FOCUSED and willing to #CHANGE along with #PERSISTENCE!

Einstein says:  “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Perpetual contentment in our best efforts is the sign of success for it can not be bought, traded or given to us by family or friends; however the Universe responds when we are dedicated with kindness, generosity and humility. The Law of Attraction illustrates how we receive what we give.

We learn by repetition so when depressed habitually go to uplifting people and quotes; it makes a difference. When happy the more we give, the longer we stay happy!

Inspiration for the spirit is priceless; treasures beyond the physical such as happiness are life’s only true valuables.

P1030394 Taj open arms

Press Release from Eclectic Media

Contact:  Eclectic Media Productions 
info@mediaproductions.tv or srose@mediaproductions.tv

(Los Angeles, CA) One Essence Records announces the release of “Afterglow – A Cappella (featuring Armand Hutton),” on June 2, 2017, the highly anticipated new single from internationally acclaimed artist Dilee. The single is the first release off her upcoming album With Love, which is set to drop in the summer.

“Afterglow – A Cappella (featuring Armand Hutton)” is an A Cappella track mixed by Grammy winning producer Bill Hare (Pentatonix), and includes extraordinary vocal percussion and production from Grammy nominated artist Armand Hutton. The song was co-produced by Dilee and Robert Xeno, and written by Dilee and Nel Gerome.

CDBaby (full listening clip) https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/dilee1

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071G58QX5/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1496867191&sr=8-2&keywords=afterglow+a+cappella+dilee

iTunes (partial listening clip) https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/afterglow-a-cappella-feat-armand-hutton-single/id1243290728

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/album/2fCvBWqjsdJ8NIG7tXbbaL

The single has being launched to a national Top 40 FM radio platform across the country by Earth Hertz Records, with additional press buildout, including a May 31 article on Dilee scheduled for publication in the Huffington Post.

It is Dilee’s belief that music cannot be rushed or it will be nothing more than mediocre, and that music can help bring about a change in the world.

“My hope is to make music that people can relate to, and offer a message to inspire for the movement of doing good that can be embraced all across the world.”… Dilee

With the release of “Afterglow – A Cappella (featuring Armand Hutton)” Dilee looks to continue building on her global success as a creative musical artist transcending across all cultural boundaries.

Photography by Harrison Funk www.harrisonfunk.com

Fairy in a Bubble (A Cappella) [Bonus Track] [feat. Armand Hutton]

Grateful to have made the 1st cut for Grammy® 1st ballot! FYC in Arrangement A Cappella #FairyinaBubble feat #ArmandHutton mixed by Bill Hare and in Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals #TwistLikeaDragon feat #JoanneLazzaro.

By Diana Dilee Maher

Download now from Itunes

DiLee Performs Live Rehearsal at Republic of Pie

Sunday May 18 at 6pm in North Hollywood: The restaurant was full and it was a very fun event. Very few photos and video due to the camera being out of battery juice before the end of the live #music rehearsal show but it was blast and #RepublicofPie was filled with cool people!

Full House at Genghis Cohen with Dīlee

Dīlee was touched that her last performance at Genghis Cohen in West Hollywood, CA was a full house.

She performed and announced her highly anticipated new song entitled “Holding Onto Nothing (But Love)” will be released next month. Dīlee has indicated she will sign with a major label for distribution and has been told this song has what it takes for major radio broadcast.

Commentary after Saturday’s event was in unison despite the fact that most people did not know each other. Several audience members stated,

“Her original songs are so good!”

“She touched my heart deeply.”

“I can’t wait until her next performance!”

“It was a spiritual experience for me.”

“I love the energy from her live performances.”

“Her latest song made me cry; very touching.”

Dīlee’s next live performance is Wed, October 12th, 2016, in San Jose at JJ Blues. More to come soon.