Dilee COVER And I Love Him ~ Beatles Please #Watch and #Share

Heartfelt thanks to Krayg for choosing to support with this cover song and video for our first crowd funding campaign which reached it’s goal in a record 5 week time frame. Dedicated to the One Creator in us all. Love and blessings always ~ Crowd Funding Backer and Music Production by: Krayg thank you thank you!


Coast to Coast AM Feature


TYSM #CoasttoCoastAM.com for featuring me on your #EmergingArtists program tomorrow midnight PST Jan 7th 12:06am technically Mon Jan 8th Love the discussion of #UFOS, #supernatural etc., even though I haven’t had time to tune in, I believe we are definitely not the only planet with life forms! #NewHaircut #NewStyle #SameMessage revealed Jan 19th with new #ACappella song to be released. My album #WithLove hard copy CD is #LimitedEdition no more in print and some left on CD Baby $12 (downloads continue til after I pass on). Love = Truth = Kindness! Rock on all sentient beings who are authentically dedicated to #LOVE #NoPretenders #LoveRules #JusticeObeys #KarmaIsPhysics #HatersChokeTheirLight #TheLoveInYouIsTheSameInMe Diana Dīlee Maher photo by beloved hubby Jeffrey

Pledgemusic Doesn’t Charge Credit Cards ‘Til 100%

#BeyondHappy & willing to fail release of my EP due to misunderstandings (as I could not possibly be happier even to re-record, release EP & submit to Grammys via crowd funding www.pledgemusic.com/projects/dilee ). Pledge Music is NOT like others in that they do NOT charge any credit card til I reach 100% then they only release partial funds until all merchandise is shipped and received protecting the consumer.

Thought all crowd funding was this way but that is not the case. Kickstarter is only other crowd funding platform that I am aware of in addition to Pledge Music that protects the consumer.

So whether or not enough of my friends stand by me or not I will still slowly release music to help inspire and heal as well as support IRS verified charities such as www.CircleofHopeInc.org (concert Aug 16th & 10% over target goes to them with balance of overage for more songs or live concert in top grossing city) and continue supporting products like www.Rebbltonic.com (drink pictured here) proceeds go to help prevent human trafficking.

DiLee - REBBL Charity drink DiLee t-shirt background

Thank you pledging friends in putting your credit card on hold to buy my EP! You are forever in my heart brothers & sisters regardless of whether we reach 100% funding …where if we fall short no money exchanged nor are products sold. If pledged with PayPal and goal is not reached, that is where refund occurs. I’ve got your back to whatever capacity I am able to now and in the future. If we don’t make our goal, EP will not released, no money would have been exchanged but all pledgers will still receive a copy of my spoken word album to be released Aug-Sept 2014 ♡ ♡ ♡

HMMA Nominations

DiLee has been nominated twice for a Hollywood Music in Media Award. One for “Twist Like a Dragon” and one for “Around the Sun.” Although she did not win in either year, she is happy to have been nominated.

Pictured Here at Award ceremony November 2014