Dilee Interviewed on VOA and FM Stations on the Album and Positivity

Diana “Dilee’s” newly released album is picking up momentum. On September 7, 2017, an interview by Larry London for Voice of America’s, “Border Crossings,” was aired along with two of her songs from the album.  With a worldwide reader/ listener base of 236 million and across the US 45 million, they translate into 44 languages in 100 countries. Eight minutes into Larry’s program, he played Dilee’s track “Shake It (A Cappella) feat Armand Hutton,” which was recently released on her album “With Love”  then interviews her on positivity, no hate and how peace starts with us and within us.  After the interview he played “Afterglow (A Cappella) feat Armand Hutton.” The entire production of both songs have no musical instruments whatsoever. All musical sounds are made from Mr. Hutton’s voice. The interview can be heard by clicking the following link:  Dilee interview on VOA

Also in September, FM stations KSVY 91.3 FM in Sonoma Valley, CA and WINT 101.5 FM / 1330 AM in Willoughby, Ohio, interviewed Dilee about her single “Afterglow (A Cappella) feat Armand Hutton” being playing on the radio across the country and the release of her new album “With Love.” Looks as though the media is right on about Dilee spreading her positive energy everywhere.  USA Today Magazine titled their article about Dilee as  ‘The Soft Warrior Spreads Her Wings,’  a two-page spread for September 2017 about Dilee, her album and how her and team are dedicated in spreading their joy to as many people as they can. The article was written by Susan SurfTone, who expanded her article on Dilee, which was published in the Huffington Post on May 31, 2017.