“Around the Sun” Comes Out Tomorrow


Tomorrow Feb 27th, 2018, “Around the Sun” will be released.  This song is about sharing this planet holding onto Love, aligning with our true self automatically letting go of hatred/anger, greed and self-glorification, we can reflect our Source of Love with Truth as our Beacon.
© Dilee and Nel Gerome, writers. Photo by Dennis Gatz

Very grateful to have been able to work with so many phenomenal music professionals and stellar musicians! Thank you!

Publisher: One Essence Publishing
Executive-Producers: Jeffrey and Diana “Dilee” Maher
Arranged By: Nel Gerome, Bill Hare, Diana “Dilee” Maher and Steve Shepherd
Mixed By: Bill Hare
Mastered By: Peter Doell At AfterMaster Audio Hollywood, CA
Lead Vocals Recorded By: Robert Xeno – Earth Hertz Studios – Nashville
Guitars and Synthesized Instruments: Nel Gerome
Piano: Fiona Joy Hawkins recorded at Hollywood Piano by Steve Shepherd
Bass: Benjamin Schultz
Drums: Paul Criscuolo and Evan Ryan
Background Vocals: Dilee
Photography by Dennis Gatz Photography at Shane-Music Studios
Graphic Design: Dennis Gatz
Artist Name Graphic Design: Avory Gray
Makeup: Erica Bazzarrini
Butterfly Art and Lotuses: Dilee aka Diana Dilee Maher

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Performance Celebration For Team #WeChooseLove


Performing the Saturday before last was so very special to share together the life long celebration of being a particle of LOVE Thanks to all of you on Team #WeChooseLove Let’s keep motivating each other to be the best we can be! Love & blessings always! #DreamPop #DileeMusic #AngelRose

See solo live performance of “Lady Fusion feat Armand Hutton” here: on Facebook

P.S. – Designed the high-low sparkly skirt and matching sash (shawl too but wore the sheer one instead as a train). Hope to be able to spend more time later this year on my clothing designs!

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Diana “Dilee” Makes the Grammy® First Round Ballot


Contact:  Eclectic Media Productions 
info@mediaproductions.tv or srose@mediaproductions.tv

Global Media Sensation, Dilee Makes the Grammy® First Round Ballot

Not every entry makes the first round Grammy® ballot. Diana “Dilee” has and is in the latest issue of Billboard Magazine.  She was part of a three person panel on LA Talk Radio on Thursday, October 12, 2017. Her (FYC) For Your Consideration links for the 60th Grammy® award ballot are two very well produced, written and mixed songs with show stopping authentic vocals. Check out the following links for a listen:

1.  “Fairy in a Bubble (A Cappella) [feat Armand Hutton]” In the category of Arrangement Instrumental or A Cappella. Dilee says, “It’s about unity not isolating ourselves in bubbles LOL” – Featuring Grammy nominated artist/producer Armand Hutton, mixed by Grammy winning producer Bill Hare. (Arrangers Bill Hare, Armand Hutton, Nel Gerome and Diana “Dilee” Maher).

2. “Twist Like a Dragon [feat Joanne Lazzaro]”  In the category of Arrangement Instruments with Vocals. Dilee says, ” It’s about our lower self as our biggest enemy, learning to tame our dragon riding it all the way home.” – Featuring flutist Joanne Lazzaro with 6 different flutes including Aztec Death Whistle for the dragon, synthesized theremin, captivating guitar and 6/8 waltzy timing and a medieval vibe. (arrangers Nel Gerome, Diana “Dilee” Maher and Joanne Lazzaro)

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Just Breathe Was Released Last Weekend March 17th!


This #DreamPop song is about living and breathing what we love Written by Diana Dīlee Maher and Nel Gerome; Photography by Dennis Gatz and graphic design. Make-up by Erica Bazzarrini.  Happy this song has helped so many surpass stress may it help many more.


Living and breathing what we love, it can feel like osmosis, existing in one another. When life gets rough, we can breathe out the stress and take action by embracing harmony and self-analysis of where our thought patterns were in attracting the stress. We can breathe, reflect and own up rather than react, avenge or attack.

“Just Breathe” on Amazon

On Amazon now, iTunes will catch up soon along with Spotify. Will also upload to ReverbNation for free listen www.reverbnation.com/dilee and additionally it is available on CD Baby.

Mixed by the one and only Bill Hare
Mastered by
Peter Doell
Guitars by Nel Gerome (co-writer)
Lead vocals recorded in Nashville by Earth Hertz Records

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Being Seriously Positive About LOVE


Here’s me being #SeriouslyPositiveAboutLove and #LOVEisNoJoke #NoFakes #NoFear #SlayNegativity #SlayJudgment Operate from spirit and hold onto Love alone! Free download #NothingButLove www.reverbnation.com/dilee  #LOVEkillsEgo Blessed with a loving hubby and healthy happy kids #SeriousAboutPositivity #StalkersAreJealous Just because someone doesn’t follow you on social media doesn’t mean they don’t follow you on social media they just don’t support us on social media LOL
Everything we want is on the other side of fear
lust degrades and disgraces
anger consumes and destroys
greed hardens and petrifies
attachment seduces and procrastinates
egotism distorts and deceives
Love alone will set us free!

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Thanks to the Recording Academy & Billboard Magazine


Appreciate the Recording Academy / GRAMMYS ® approving my 2 song entries for the First Round Ballot of the 60th Grammy awards. Here are my FYC links:

For “Best Arrangement, Instrumental Or A Cappella”

For “Best Arrangement, Instruments And Vocals”

Thrilled the graphic art below will be included in Billboard Magazine!

#FYC, #Grammys, #DreamPop, #FYCGrammys

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Dilee Set to Unveil New Single and Hairstyle


Contact:  Tony Cutillo at Eclectic Media Productions 
tony@mediaproductions.tv or srose@mediaproductions.tv

Recording Superstar Dilee Set to Unveil New Single and Hairstyle

(Tampa, FL)- Soulful Superstar Dilee is on the verge of another chart topping single, but this time with a whole new image. On January 19, 2018, the new a cappella single “Nothing But Love (A Cappella) feat Armand Hutton” and cutting edge hairstyle will be revealed. The music version of the same song with instruments will be released later this year.

While the a cappella version has a Country or Americana vibe, the instrument version is of the Country Rock/ Pop genre. Her album, “With Love” has already been labeled as a success and the physical copy is a very special limited edition. There are only a few physical copies left for sale worldwide. No more of the album “With Love” will be printed. In addition to CD Baby, Dilee has a few copies in her possession for those who have sent payment for personally signed CD’s now that Dilee is set to unveil a new hairstyle that signifies the power of self image.

Digitally her album “With Love,” became available August 22, 2017 for download through Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby and the physical CD weeks later. It has since become a steadily downloaded favorite and a fixture on music charts all over the globe. This has been a busy year already for the masterful singer/songwriter as her songs have been featured on numerous stations and her views have been documented on radio shows all across the dial.

Recently, Dilee was selected to be a part of the nationally syndicated show Coast to Coast AM for their special segment on Emerging Artists last Sunday Jan 7th. Coast to Coast AM airs on more than 600 stations in the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico and Guam, and is heard by nearly three million weekly listeners. This is just another bullet point in a long list of accolades for the well known superstar.

In line with her passion for creating conscious media through music she also has her hands in television.  She’s been privileged to present two of her four created television shows and has received preliminary interest so far for her projects “Journey of Five” a science fiction story and “Authenticity,” based on true life events. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

While Dilee is sorry to announce she has resigned from the Advisory Board for the charity Safe Passage as of Jan 5, 2018, she will be accepting an Advisory Board position with 501(c)3 Harmony-Project.org. In her dedication to empower the citizens of today and tomorrow she is happy to say this charity is making huge strides and changing the lives of underprivileged youth as proven through their partnership in the independent music study at Northwestern University. The scholarships and accomplishments these kids have achieved are astounding including performances at the Hollywood Bowl and Disney Hall. The charity has branched out nationwide late last year.

Diana “Dilee” Maher continues to be a creative and inspiring storyteller that leads with positivity through her songs and message. Her music continues to bring society together in a vision without hate or jealousy. She dedicates all of her music “to the Divine.” “Devotion to our Creator, to me, means embracing and giving the magic of kindness to every living thing as a particle of the all,” says Dilee, “and I believe each one of us is inter-connected, which is why my new promotional T-shirts and sweatshirts are emblazoned with ‘The love in you is the same in me’.”

About Dilee:

Dilee’s resume, which includes a Spoken Word album and several single releases garnered her voting member status in NARAS (Grammys®). These releases coupled with two earlier unreleased musical productions with both Ike Turner and Ike Turner Jr., were the beginning of her musical career.

Being a part of the voting process and being a positive role model are responsibilities Dilee takes seriously. She believes in goodness, equality, love, and the belief that we as human beings should strive to touch each other’s lives in a positive way. Her music is one way of bringing the world’s essence together, transcending all cultural and national borders in order to celebrate life.

For more info visit: www.reverbnation.com/dilee

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