Here’s to Helping Women & Teen Survivors of Abuse

Performing Sat 2/27th Four Seasons Beverly Hills for a division of 501(c)3 Women Crowned in Glory, Inc. Thanks to all who pay it forward supporting bonafide charitable organizations. We can make every day awesome by doing greatness, spreading greatness, and witnessing greatness!

Your generosity and kindness make the world a better place! Tickets $150
#DavidLongoria to be awarded along with Roma Downey and others all of whom are doing great things for positive change in our world <3 #LivingPhoto by #TheWebStylist #SterlingWilliams which only works here, on Twitter and Instagram.


Miraculous Letters from Fans

So incredibly moved that a simple song I wrote and helped to create with my co-writer and producer Nel Gerome has touched so many people’s lives. Here are some excerpts from letters:

From a fan in United Kingdom: “…my wife…has ABI that is an acquired brain injury which was unfortunately self inflicted nearly 10 years ago now, so as you can imagine life is very difficult. No, or very few new memories and old memories mixed up and confused. I could be here all day explaining the many problems. Main thing is apathy, very difficult to involve her in anything and music doesn’t usually seem to interest her or even register . I have been playing your CD (thank you so much for that) in the car nearly every time we go out as she seemed to take notice of it. Imagine my surprise today as I went into the front room she was sitting down conducting an imaginary band !! When I asked her what she was doing she said “I’m Just Breathing” ! Now this might not seem a big deal to you but to me, well I didn’t think she was taking any notice of music. I asked her what that meant and she told me it was a tune in her head. I tell you your song Just Breathe seems to be very special and I just wanted to let you know that you made my day. Thanks Di For some reason it just connected with her…we will have to find out why.” Continue reading

Looking Forward to My Next Performance Tonight!

Very much looking forward to performing tonight at 8pm with fellow Grammy members in San Jose, CA at JJ Blue’s 3439 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95117

Starts at 8:30pm.  Come a little early! Would love to meet you!


Here’s a sneak peek into a behind the scenes shot when photographer Harrison Funk and my team were on location near the Hollywood sign.  Some of his photos will be released with new upcoming single “Holding Onto Nothing (But Love).”  A Kickstarter for the album “With Love” to be launched any moment now! Looking forward to this roller coaster ride with all of my friends who are joining me on this musical journey!  Namaste!

Klubjumpers Offer to Remix “Afterglow”

So very grateful to Dan of Klubjumpers for approaching me to remix “Afterglow (A Cappella) feat Armand Hutton” into a pop dance remix as well as an extended dance remix! He has high hopes in getting it placed! And any sync license signed would be a direct reflection on the team because Dan and his brother Sam are amazing!

Love you guys!

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EP Funded 104% in Record Time!

My immense appreciation to every pledging friend on our EP campaign! It was funded 104% in a record 5-1/2 week time frame!

It typically takes 60+ days to do a crowd funding project and because of all of my caring, supporting friends who are forever in my heart, the text info (writers, producers, lyrics, mixers) for the EP CD on the 3 songs have been submitted to the Grammys as a new member in time for their August deadline.

As my very first submission it’s simply a joy to be able to submit for nomination consideration! The songs are finally mixed for mastering Monday Sept 15th so CD manufacturers can print full jewel case CD’s for all who pre-ordered as well as hard copy submission follow up to the Grammys within their final deadline.

Thank you again everyone! So pleased to hear the feedback from each of you on the PledgeMusic site regarding the front cover, back cover, inside cover, behind CD, the CD itself and all the artwork! More soon stay tuned!