12 Cool Accessory Trends From Spring/Summer

Accessories can either make or break an outfit. So, it’s essential to ensure yours are on-point every time. Of course, choosing the perfect bag, shoes and sunglasses can be a challenge without the right inspiration. Thankfully, the world’s top street style stars are on hand to provide an assortment of fresh and exciting ideas. Spotted on the streets of Milan, Paris, New York and London during fashion month, these stylish ladies recently debuted the latest and greatest accessory looks, and we were there to capture them. So, if you’re ready for some fresh inspiration, take a look at our roundup of the best accessory trends from the Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Weeks.


Footwear Trends

Purple Feet

This show season, street style stars put their best foot forward in some seriously striking footwear. Undoubtedly, one of the best and most eye-catching shoe trends of the month was the colour purple. Unique and unmissable, bold purple shades graced an incredible array of footwear styles, including sneakers, pumps, boots, and more. Surprisingly, the hue also paired well with a variety of outfits. It was spotted with everything from a white boiler suit to a printed pencil skirt.


Sculptural Heels

Colour wasn’t the only exciting element adorning footwear this fashion month. Sculptural heels were also spotted beneath the feet of many fashionistas. The trend, which appeared both artistic and seriously stylish, added a chic, unexpected detail to a range of ensembles. From sleek cylinders to dramatic hourglasses, sculptural heels can come in many fantastic shapes. So, be sure to have a bit of fun when choosing a pair of your own.


Futuristic Sneakers

Sneakers have long been the footwear of choice for many industry icons during fashion week. After all, darting between shows and meetings can get exhausting in heels. This season, however, the usual cast of comfortable, lace-up shoes took a turn towards the futuristic. From metallic and multi-coloured designs to supersized styles with sleek curves, this season’s sneaker selection is fit for the space age.


Hat Trends

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are big once again. Yes, this quintessential ’90s accessory has hit peak fashionability for another time. So, if you’re after a new and stylish way to shield your face from the sun, be sure to add this item to your cart immediately. For extra outfit points, try choosing one in a classic print, such as checks, or a striking colour, like neon orange. Then, style it as you wish. Whether you want to pair your bucket hat with overalls or wide-leg pants and a blazer is up to you.


Baker Boy Hats

Like bucket hats, baker boy hats were also trending this show season. In particular, they appeared on the streets of Paris, adding a chic touch to a variety of outfits. While they were spotted in a selection of styles, the best of the bunch were classic in shape, colour and fabric. So, if you want to add a baker boy cap to your wardrobe, consider picking up a wool or leather style in an understated tone, such as black, grey or navy.



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“Around the Sun” Comes Out Tomorrow


Tomorrow Feb 27th, 2018, “Around the Sun” will be released.  This song is about sharing this planet holding onto Love, aligning with our true self automatically letting go of hatred/anger, greed and self-glorification, we can reflect our Source of Love with Truth as our Beacon.
© Dilee and Nel Gerome, writers. Photo by Dennis Gatz

Very grateful to have been able to work with so many phenomenal music professionals and stellar musicians! Thank you!

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Mixed By: Bill Hare
Mastered By: Peter Doell At AfterMaster Audio Hollywood, CA
Lead Vocals Recorded By: Robert Xeno – Earth Hertz Studios – Nashville
Guitars and Synthesized Instruments: Nel Gerome
Piano: Fiona Joy Hawkins recorded at Hollywood Piano by Steve Shepherd
Bass: Benjamin Schultz
Drums: Paul Criscuolo and Evan Ryan
Background Vocals: Dilee
Photography by Dennis Gatz Photography at Shane-Music Studios
Graphic Design: Dennis Gatz
Artist Name Graphic Design: Avory Gray
Makeup: Erica Bazzarrini
Butterfly Art and Lotuses: Dilee aka Diana Dilee Maher

“Twist Like a Dragon” (live) Dilee and Angel feat Joanne Lazzaro on flutes Please #Watch and #Share


April 21, 2018: “Twist Like a Dragon” sung live by Diana Dilee Maher and Angel Rose at Genghis Cohen, Los Angeles. Written by Diana Dilee Maher (Dilee) and Nel Gerome

Performance Celebration For Team #WeChooseLove


Performing the Saturday before last was so very special to share together the life long celebration of being a particle of LOVE Thanks to all of you on Team #WeChooseLove Let’s keep motivating each other to be the best we can be! Love & blessings always! #DreamPop #DileeMusic #AngelRose

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P.S. – Designed the high-low sparkly skirt and matching sash (shawl too but wore the sheer one instead as a train). Hope to be able to spend more time later this year on my clothing designs!

Just Breathe Was Released Last Weekend March 17th!


This #DreamPop song is about living and breathing what we love Written by Diana Dīlee Maher and Nel Gerome; Photography by Dennis Gatz and graphic design. Make-up by Erica Bazzarrini.  Happy this song has helped so many surpass stress may it help many more.


Living and breathing what we love, it can feel like osmosis, existing in one another. When life gets rough, we can breathe out the stress and take action by embracing harmony and self-analysis of where our thought patterns were in attracting the stress. We can breathe, reflect and own up rather than react, avenge or attack.

“Just Breathe” on Amazon

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Mixed by the one and only Bill Hare
Mastered by
Peter Doell
Guitars by Nel Gerome (co-writer)
Lead vocals recorded in Nashville by Earth Hertz Records

Being Seriously Positive About LOVE


Here’s me being #SeriouslyPositiveAboutLove and #LOVEisNoJoke #NoFakes #NoFear #SlayNegativity #SlayJudgment Operate from spirit and hold onto Love alone! Free download #NothingButLove www.reverbnation.com/dilee  #LOVEkillsEgo Blessed with a loving hubby and healthy happy kids #SeriousAboutPositivity #StalkersAreJealous Just because someone doesn’t follow you on social media doesn’t mean they don’t follow you on social media they just don’t support us on social media LOL
Everything we want is on the other side of fear
lust degrades and disgraces
anger consumes and destroys
greed hardens and petrifies
attachment seduces and procrastinates
egotism distorts and deceives
Love alone will set us free!

Thanks to the Recording Academy & Billboard Magazine


Appreciate the Recording Academy / GRAMMYS ® approving my 2 song entries for the First Round Ballot of the 60th Grammy awards. Here are my FYC links:

For “Best Arrangement, Instrumental Or A Cappella”

For “Best Arrangement, Instruments And Vocals”

Thrilled the graphic art below will be included in Billboard Magazine!

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