Dilee Kickstarter for Album Please #Watch and #Share

The love in you is the same in me. This is a call for your support to connect yearning hearts with my original songs. After touching those with brain injury, mending domestic disputes and helping those recover from turmoil, you and I will come together to sing love’s praises. My focus of energy, lyrically and melodically, is to transcend all boundaries that separate cultures and generations. Through song your attention merges with mine even in that moment of stillness between verses.

This project resonates with my purpose in life to be the best person I can be, in dedicating it to the Divine. Devotion to our Creator to me means embracing and giving the magic of kindness to every living thing as a particle of all, as I believe each of us are inter-connected. Almost ready to go live and if you’d like to give feedback before it does we’d love to hear from you!


When it’s live you can visit:




Shake It (demo) Please #Watch and #Share

www.dilee.tv written by Dīlee and Nel Gerome © 2011
Dīlee removed it from iTunes as it will be released on the new album summer 2017

Shake It, a video sponsored by MacroLife Naturals, Inc., is about empowering each other & taking care of our health for our common journey we call life. Most of us believe everyone is love to the core. Some may not believe everyone, including themselves, has an inner cool. The musicians, actors and audience members in this video wonderfully display their inner cool, some without even trying. Watch them Shake It out!

Directed by Mickey Hightower. Videographer Koltin Sullivan. Helicopter drone cameras by HoverCameras.com. Cast: Exercise friend/ make-up artist Tatiana De Khtyar, Janitor/ rock-star Drew Wells, Homeless man/ James Bond Christopher Eaton, Gramma to dancing Heather Wynters, young boy in library Damien Murphy, Conga Player Rick Mizuno.

Special thanks to Steve T. for the use of his beautiful Hollywood home and pool for the filming of this project. Also filmed during live performance at Cafe Cordiale, filmed in the streets of Silverlake-Los Angeles, Echo Park, Hollywood dog park and above Lake Hollywood. Performance clip from Genghis Cohen Restaurant. Old Shake It video footage filmed green screen in Hollywood studio.


Dilee, Bobby Kimball & others Red Carpet Pre-MTV Movie Awards private party Please #Watch and #Share

www.dilee.tv. Dilee is interviewed on the Red Carpet prior to performing at the Pre-MTV Movie Awards private party in celebrity jeweler Michael Raven’s estate. Bobby Kimball, singer of Toto and others are also interviewed. Footage edited by Jonathann Launer.


Dilee COVER And I Love Him ~ Beatles Please #Watch and #Share

Heartfelt thanks to Krayg for choosing to support with this cover song and video for our first crowd funding campaign which reached it’s goal in a record 5 week time frame. Dedicated to the One Creator in us all. Love and blessings always ~ Crowd Funding Backer and Music Production by: Krayg thank you thank you!