Happiness Comes

Happy always; maybe from just feeling love within all which is abundant joy and ever flowing. Maybe the bigger our heart/vessel the more contentment and peace flows into us. They say still waters run deep. Perhaps in constant practice of stillness/ focus on giving back to the Divine who is our #OneCreator living within us and everything, that mere giving back with of course discernment, in that stillness, we can see the sun shine deeper through our very being, seeing more and more of who and what we really are; love manifested, projected in a creation of energy. Science proves all is energy and through science it is understood all we see with our physical eyes is a projection.

Hawaii sky sun rays through clouds onto oceanJust like we make a happy living by providing services of legal tender and or goods that service the community, we all have experienced we receive what we put in. The brilliant quote above also in previous post below, from Shantideva a Buddhist monk who passed in the 700’s, makes it clear the cause of misery vs the result of serving. Ego vs. Love. Love rules; Darkness tries. Our One Creator and karma rule, so when our side of the street is clean, love permeates and we see a brighter world. #InnerPeace toward #WorldPeace The love within me is the same love within you.

Happiness comes by giving. ““When happiness is liked by me and others equally, what is so special about me that I should strive after happiness only for myself?”  Shantideva