DiLee’s New EP & Spoken Album Submitted to Grammys

Thanks to each and every pledging friend on www.pledgemusic.com/projects/dilee her brand new EP is being released Sept 29th. All 3 songs were re-recorded, mixed, mastered and now being manufactured to send out to all buyers of the CD by next week. Her spoken word album was released just in time for Sept 11 and is entitled “Love For Peace.” DiLee was simply happy to submit both her EP and spoken word album to the Grammys for nomination consideration as a new member this year. Physical world-wide distribution through Amazon now available for the EP and digital downloads available through both Amazon as well as iTunes (Amazon: digital for purchase and physical distribution through Amazon). Amazon distribution for the spoken album will be available later in the year.
EP Front

EP CD (with border)

EP Back Cover

EP Inside

EP Behind CD

Spoken Word Album “Love For Peace” is available on Amazon, Amazon UK, iTunes and more.

Spoken Word (iTunes2)

Dilee Kickstarter for Album Please #Watch and #Share

The love in you is the same in me. This is a call for your support to connect yearning hearts with my original songs. After touching those with brain injury, mending domestic disputes and helping those recover from turmoil, you and I will come together to sing love’s praises. My focus of energy, lyrically and melodically, is to transcend all boundaries that separate cultures and generations. Through song your attention merges with mine even in that moment of stillness between verses.

This project resonates with my purpose in life to be the best person I can be, in dedicating it to the Divine. Devotion to our Creator to me means embracing and giving the magic of kindness to every living thing as a particle of all, as I believe each of us are inter-connected. Almost ready to go live and if you’d like to give feedback before it does we’d love to hear from you!


When it’s live you can visit:




Lots of New News Coming Soon!

Involved in depth for multiple wonderful projects. Feeling very blessed. Lots of new news coming soon! It has taken so long to get some of these projects to the finish line for many reasons but most importantly for me to operate as an instrument in bringing forth the right thing and for it to be of the most value in bringing joy to others.

As Steve Jobs said, “It would be better to miss than to turn out the wrong thing.”