Diana “Dilee” Makes the Grammy® First Round Ballot

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Global Media Sensation, Dilee Makes the Grammy® First Round Ballot

Not every entry makes the first round Grammy® ballot. Diana “Dilee” has and is in the latest issue of Billboard Magazine.  She was part of a three person panel on LA Talk Radio on Thursday, October 12, 2017. Her (FYC) For Your Consideration links for the 60th Grammy® award ballot are two very well produced, written and mixed songs with show stopping authentic vocals. Check out the following links for a listen:

1.  “Fairy in a Bubble (A Cappella) [feat Armand Hutton]” In the category of Arrangement Instrumental or A Cappella. Dilee says, “It’s about unity not isolating ourselves in bubbles LOL” – Featuring Grammy nominated artist/producer Armand Hutton, mixed by Grammy winning producer Bill Hare. (Arrangers Bill Hare, Armand Hutton, Nel Gerome and Diana “Dilee” Maher).

2. “Twist Like a Dragon [feat Joanne Lazzaro]”  In the category of Arrangement Instruments with Vocals. Dilee says, ” It’s about our lower self as our biggest enemy, learning to tame our dragon riding it all the way home.” – Featuring flutist Joanne Lazzaro with 6 different flutes including Aztec Death Whistle for the dragon, synthesized theremin, captivating guitar and 6/8 waltzy timing and a medieval vibe. (arrangers Nel Gerome, Diana “Dilee” Maher and Joanne Lazzaro)

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