Dilee Inc and Love Is Us Logo Hat


I’m Diana Dilee Maher…a dream pop singer songwriter turned fashion designer (pictured here with spirit brother Scott Travis)


I couldn’t find the type of clothes I would like to wear anywhere in the world. They say failure is the mother of invention.


My brand is unique from the perspective we offer coordinating hair scarves for every color palette each season and innovative styles, fabrics and care geared for comfort and convenience with pull up elastic waistbands that move with you. Life’s too short to be uncomfortable. So I’m happy to share my dedication in bringing forth modest, comfortable and sophisticated easy wear and care.


Everything is washable at home including the garments with sequins by spraying with castile or plant based soap hanging in the shower to rinse and then hang dry. Most of the garments are shrink to fit so no trip to the dry-cleaners is necessary unless you want the size to remain as shipped. Due to shrinkage factored in our sizes each item has listed measurements before and after washing.