Lady Fusion (live) Diana Dilee feat Armand Hutton (A Cappella production)Live performance “Lady Fusion” video (Click here for Facebook) (Click here for YouTube)

Twist Like a Dragon feat Flutist Joanne LazzaroLive performance “Twist Like a Dragon” video (Click here for YouTube)

Dilee MusicLet’s Fly! With Afterglow EDM Lyric Video (Click here)

Video Sneak Peek – Physical Album Release (Click here)

Video with DEMO of “Battle Ballad” – Finalized with Military Stats (Watch on YouTube)

Video of DEMO “Shake It” – Take 2 (Watch on YouTube)

Dilee, Bobby Kimball & others Red Carpet Pre-MTV Movie Awards private party (Watch on Youtube)

DILEE BEATLES COVER “And I Love Him” (Watch on Youtube)